Matt “Gonzo“ Roehr’s brand new solo album “DEAD SLOW” will be released on April 29th, 2022 on all common streaming portals and in a few weeks as a limited vinyl edition.
“DEAD SLOW” was recorded at Custom Garage Studios in Dublin/Ireland and Budapest/Hungary, as well as at Union Recording Studios, Los Angeles/USA. The album was then mixed and mastered at Abbey Road Studios London/England.
Stylistically, the album moves between modern blues rock with a British influence, Americana and bluesy ballads, which are often reminiscent of a film soundtrack due to their sparse instrumentation. On the album Matt “Gonzo“ Roehr worked for the first time with his son Vincent Roehr and the young American singer Zach “Dowzy” Dowd. A collaboration that was a lot of fun and is guaranteed to continue.

The participating musicians on the album are:
Matt “Gonzo Roehr“ – guitar, guitar synths, bass guitar, percussions
Zach “Dowzy” Dowd – vocals
Vincent Roehr – Hammond B3, Grand Piano, Rhodes Piano, Orchestral Arrangement
Szammy Tógép – drums and wind instruments
Norbert Nebenführ – 2nd solo guitar on “1976”

The songs on “DEAD SLOW”:
– Temporary Love
– For My Sins
– Goodbye
– On My Own
– Keep you
– Dead Slow
– Same Old Song And Dance
– Only You
– Time Of My Life
– 1976