Matt Roehr


most of you have probably noticed that my web site now has a new shine to it. I’ll be continually working and expanding on together with my team.

And most of you probably didn’t miss out on the fact that I closed my Facebook account a while back. I really don’t want to go into detail here about the hows and whys. But let me say this much: I think it’s a little more stimulating for my artistic freedom not to be dependent on likes, comments and the die-hards in the net. Besides, I don’t agree with the privacy policy of this particular social network, so I decided to shut it down. But I’ve (re-)discovered a new toy for me and you: twitter (I know, all that glitter’s not gold here too 😉 Still, I think it’s entertaining and find it to be highly informative and much more personal. You can reach me here on twitter at: MATTGONZOROEHR

The “Memento Moment“ – The Onkelz have taken up more time and space in the last four years then in the past 25 years before their split and I’m relishing every second of it. It’s a dream come true and now and again there are times when it doesn’t seem real. Especially on a recent weekend towards the end of June. The “Matapaloz” Festival was an ultimate highlight without a doubt.

We were really looking forward to the friggin’ festival – and felt like little kids getting everything their hearts desired. And generally speaking: 2017, you’ve been extremely good to us! South America was also one of those sensational things; close to the pinnacle of the early days. Years ago, I had this heartfelt wish to venture out and sail across the big pond with the Onkelz and see if we could sight land. Now to actually have a wild flock of young and insatiable Onkelz fans follow us to Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires, now that was the absolute climax.

And I certainly don’t want to neglect mentioning how nicely we were received there. I was a bit familiar with the genuine warmth of the people due to some time I spent in Uruguay once. But that the press was so well prepared and welcomed US with open arms, that really blew me away. Hello to Germany: now that’s an example of how it could have been done! I don’t even want to mention the extreme intensity of the past years. Unless you were hiding under a rock, it didn’t get past anyone that 2016 was an exceptional year for the Onkelz.