The demands and challenges of Matt’s instruments are constantly changing and it’s extremely difficult to narrow the selection down for you. The last years had Gonzo, who used instruments from G&L (Asat und Legacy, for his solo shows, trying out numerous guitars and amps. Generally speaking, Matt likes the “classics“: 50’s Telecaster, 50’s Stratocaster, 50’s Les Pauls. But also new interpretations like the “Baron“ form Nick Page. There’s much more to report, because Matt is a real “guitar aficionado“ who’s always altering his instruments and is seldom content with the standard products. That resulted in a collaboration with guitar makers Rainer Tausch (, Travis Bean ( and Thomas Guitars ( who culminated on several “Gonzo-Signature-Guitars“. Matt has used the Mesa Boogie Mark 5 and Marshall JVM amps for the last years. When going solo, he used the PCL Vintage Amp Stage Master ( as well as a Reußenzehn EL34 Amp ( via a Mojo Sound 4×10 Box for many years. But the last two years, Gonzo has been using the Axe FX 2+ from Fractal Audio both live and in the studio, recently stacked with the Retro 50 Amp from ENGL. We don’t dare leave the great connection we have with the enthusiasts at Herzschlag Amps unmentioned ( whose products Matt constantly uses (just recently for his solo album). The guys are unbeatable and surprise us again and again with their ideas and high-end effects and amps (Custom Champ!). Finally, we’ve put together a short and very sporadic round-up of Matt’s current equipment. We’ve listed a few of the instruments and amps that he regularly uses live and in the studio. We’ll be constantly updating this in the future on this site under news and also on twitter #mattgonzoroehr


As already mentioned in the technical section, MGR worked together with several guitar makers on his own signature models, which we would like to expand on here. The instruments are partially no longer available or only by special order. The prices correspond to prices of handcrafted premium guitars. If interested, simply send a request to the below listed manufacturer’s contact address.

And here are the instruments and specs:


  • Fender Telecaster Deluxe und Custom
  • Fano Standard JM6
  • G&L Legacy and Asat Classic Guitars
  • Tausch Guitars (Gonzo Signatur Modelle)
  • The Heritage 530 und LP Custom
  • FGN Relic Master Les Pauls
  • Gibson Les Paul und Les Paul Junior


  • Fractal Audio Axe FX 2+
  • Fractal Audio Axe 8
  • Engl Retro 50 Head
  • Marshall JVM 205H
  • Herzschlag Champ
  • Verschiedene Fender Tweed Amps